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Work commissioned, developed and performed by Michelle Yim

The Unforgettable Anna May Wong

From laundry girl to one of Hollywood's most glamorous stars, the tragic and wonderful life of Anna May Wong.  Fighting against prejudice and ignorance she rose to become one of the acting elite, the leading lady that was not allowed to kiss her leading man. This is her story, her search for identity, her hopes and fears, and the personal sacrifices she made for the art that she loved.  Anna May Wong, the pioneering Chinese American actress who, despite the odds, became one of Hollywood's best loved stars. 


A cabaret / play with songs and projection.

Previously developed as 'An Evening with Miss Wong'


After the success of The Empress and Me, Michelle Yim and Bloomsbury playwright Ross Ericson return with an entertaining hour about the legendary Chinese American actress who rose to fame in 1920s and 30s, and went on to carve a legacy and notable career on the silver screen and international stage. 

This project’s development is supported using funding from Arts Council England.

The Unforgettable Anna May Wong / An Evening with Miss Wong has visited:

The Rotunda Theatre, Buxton Fringe, 17-18 July 2018 (reh-reading)

Assembly Rooms, Drawing Room, Edfringe, 2-26 August 2018

Ongisko Polskie, Kensington 16 Dec 2019

Brockenhurst College, Nomad Festival 8-9 May 2019

Carlile Institute Hub, Meltham 18 May 2019

The Rotunda Theatre, Buxton Fringe 14-16 July 2019

Irving Studio, Everyman Theatre Cheltenham 8, 10-11 Oct 2019

As part of Salisbury Arts Centre's Outdoor Performance Session 5 Sept 2020

An Evening With Miss Wong 1.jpg

Written and Directed by Ross Ericson

Performed by Michelle Yim

Music and Songs by Pearl Yim

Produced by Grist to the Mill Productions

Tour Dates 2022

Wed 18 May 2022    The Rotunda: Squeak           7:45pm

                                   Brighton Fringe 2022

Sat 21 May 2022       The Rotunda: Squeak           6:15pm

                                   Brighton Fringe 2022

Sun 22 May 2022     The Rotunda: Squeak           6:15pm

                                   Brighton Fringe 2022

Press Reviews 

The Scotsman 'You don't have to be a movie fan to enjoy this'

Edinburgh49+3 ''playful, entertaining documentary-theatre with a light touch and a pleasant appreciation for Old Hollywood charm'

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